Hi! I’m Yatin Kapur.

After having started this blog up as a 14-year-old, and just writing about what you’d generally see on a soccer feed, I’ve grown out of it and slowly transitioned into ‘soccer analytics’.

I kind of took an 18 month break from writing here, generally due to me going to University and having not too much time to write. I always kind of wanted to change this into a more analytics based blog, but it was difficult to find data and honestly I probably didn’t know enough to contribute in any meaningful way.

But a big reason in my coming back for my second spell(?)¬†is because I’ll be interning at Toronto FC with the analytics team starting January, and ending in April. Not only does this open a new window for me to look at as a potential career opportunity, but it’s something that has genuinely sparked my interest back into writing again given that I’ll be learning so much in the coming few months.

Good time to come back, I think!

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